Has Calvin Johnson been Lion-ized?

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by goldenlions, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. goldenlions International Playboy

    Although yesterday Calvin seems to have a couple of drops that he should have made and a couple of really good catches. He was barely talking to any of his teammates on the sidelines. Aside from the one pat on the back of Stafford that I saw, he was sitting on the bench, walking around the sideline with a disdain look on his face like he has had enough.

    Has a guy who has seen his team lose 31 of the past 33, it seems to have worn him thin. Calvin has said that winning cures all and that when this team turns it around he will be glad to be here. I don't think this topic is to question his talent, because it is not. It is not to question his draft status, it is not.

    But has Calvin Johnson started to follow in the footsteps of many players before him? Is he giving up hope of ever being on a winning team? Has he given up hope of winning in the playoffs? Has he given up hope of winning a Superbowl? Has he given up hope until he leaves Detroit and goes to another team with high hopes of acheiving what he has never had here....a winning team.

    I saw nothing in Calvin's eyes to say he has any hope for his future in Detroit. I see a man who wants out, who's had enough, a man who has been Lionized.
  2. Felix True Fan

    There were a couple plays on TV that it looked like he got up hurtin'....perhaps the disdain you saw was pain?
  3. Canadian Fan Active Member

    Man I hope not! but there were a number of shots on camera where he had his head down and was walking back to the huddle

    You know what bothered me worse though Was that no one fixed Staffords jersey when it was under his pads. Not one single lineman reached over and pulled pad though his jersey. That concerned me more then CJ looking a little down
  4. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    He is sure not taking a leadership role with this team like his salary and draft status should warrant.
  5. Canadian Fan Active Member

    Actually Vic it's the opposite that worries me. Has the team tuned him out or do they not respect him at all?
  6. goldenlions International Playboy

    Could be, I know I don't smile much when I am in pain.

    Just heard someone else talk about this and thought it might be an interesting topic to discuss.

    Are we going to see someone go through the motions until they trade him or he becomes a FA?

    I hope not, I think he is a talent, but I don't know if he is becoming disgusted like all of us have been and like any player before him in the past.

    I hope for the best but I think unless he shows me something the rest of the season, he could be on the Roy Williams train.
  7. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    1) I don't think CJ is the new Dre Bly.

    2) Who are the 10 other starters with Stafford? Besides CJ, Pettigrew, Raiola, Peterman, Cherilus, and Kevin Smith, maybe Backus, how many of those guys are going to be here next year? If it was me, I don't think I keep Northcutt, and I only keep BJ if he steps down to a #3 role. Raiola has his back, Kevin Smith may be replaced. But the guys who might be tuning him out, may also be realizing they're not long for this team.
  8. TechLion Super Genius

    The first thing you need to understand about NFL football is that about 75% of the players on every team are interchangeable. The other players are the one's who make or break a football team. It is not the others players fault CJ is not doing anything to help his football team. The problem with the Lions has always been with it's so called stars. It started with players like Harrington KJ, Roy, Sims CJ and now Stafford. The truth is all of these players were grossly over paid and average at best. Until you kool-aid drinking cornbread eating rejects take off your rose colored glasses you will never see the truth and always be wrong. Sure I am a genius and I'm always right but you guys are the one's who make my simple logic look genius.
  9. TechLion Super Genius

    Calvin was never as good as you guys thought he was. I pointed out for the last three years that he doesn't get much separation and disappears in key situations on game day. Calvin has size and speed but really no good moves and doesn't fool DB's. I also told you guys that who ever gets the most looks, catches the most passes in the NFL. You should not look at how many catches a receiver makes but when and how he makes those catches on a consistent basis. Calvin is a specialized receiver and really nothing more. He will never be a Randy Moss type of player.

    Lets not use the injury excuse with CJ because it is getting old and his performance has been the same for the last three years. As for the dropped balls, I don't think that is much of a problem because he is getting a shit load of balls thrown to him and they are rarely on the money. He is making a bunch of acrobatic catches with Stafford out there. If his attitude has changed it is because he thinks he is better than he is and that is a problem a lot of receivers in the NFL have.

    CPep said in a private conversation that Calvin has the physical tools but doesn't have the mentality to be a Randy Moss.
  10. IrishBear Formally ChewieBacca

    Yet that same day I showed video evidence proving you wrong, and you did'n t say a damn thing, should I do it again?
  11. LionNation Detroit Lions Oracle

    I wish they could shop him but the cap hit i imagine would be terrible.

    He is never gonna live up to the hype. He is one of them physical freaks that are just never healthy.

    Winning would probably help his attitude come around but this team is a long way from winning. It might be time to part ways and get a package of picks hopefully for him.

    Wide Receivers grow on trees.
  12. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    The thought of CJ becoming Lionized is almost as disgusting as reading the typical post by Tech.

  13. TechLion Super Genius

    How could a video possibly ever prove a point? When you say stuff like this, I am embarrashed for you!! I could find video's that make Big Mike Williams look good. You need to try and be smarter than that! Thanks in advance.
  14. IrishBear Formally ChewieBacca

    Whatever Tech, keep trying to out smart everyone with witty comebacks and flashy egotistical comments. Would you rather me use stats? Oh no those are pointless, how about percentages?
  15. def 2006 Money Ball Champion!

    Good topic. When he gets the ball dude is a beast. That question is WHEN. When WHEN WHEN? Stafford seems to overlook him in key situations is how I see it. I don't think CJ disappears, as Tech pointed out, I think Stafford maybe a football re-re, because he never looks for CJ. It's like if Karl Malone is on your team in a pickup basketball game and you never pass him the ball! You have to throw him the ball you idjit! I'd be pissed to.

    I think anyone who lost 31 of 33 games would want out. It would break anyone.

    I also dont think Stafford is a so called leader. No and No. He is a kid who has no clue right now. He can't rally his troops. They don't respect him, they...yeah...bah
  16. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    It's all just more of the same ol', same ol'. Nobody likes to lose. They understand that they can't win them all, but if they can't win any, then it's only a matter of time before the ones who know they can play want out.

    It sucks that it is this way because it has been and will continue to be a major reason why the Lions can't get turned around. If they can't make smart enough decisions to keep the talented ones interested in giving their all, then the talented ones will want out so they can make the most of their career.

    I was one of the first ones to say that it looks like this team has given up already again. As much as it pains me to say it (again), it's becoming obvious that they have......again.

    Same ol', same ol'.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Let's wait 'til next year and then.....

    Same ol', same ol'

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Let's wait 'til next year and then.....

    Same ol', same ol'

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Let's wait 'til next year and then.....

    Same ol', same ol'

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Let's wait 'til next year and then.....

    Same ol', same ol'

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Let's wait 'til next year and then.....

    Same ol', same ol'

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Let's wait 'til next year and then.....

    Same ol', same ol'

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  17. Blog Active Member

  18. goldenlions International Playboy

    Talk about egotism.
  19. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    How much pressure is Stafford under in some of these games? So maybe it's not CJ disappearing, or Stafford not looking at him, as much as Stafford doesn't have the time for CJ to run a route and he has to fire the ball off. Comes down to the protection and playcalling. How deep is CJ going every play? Is there time to get him the ball? See Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings this year.

    Just throwin another point out there.
  20. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    Wile E. Coyote at his best.

    He's a genius, but every time he's proven wrong he disappears or calls the poster simple for pointing out how wrong he is or pointing out how Tech contradicted himself...

    Side note...

    Some players are interchangeable sure. 75%? That's 41 players on a team. Leaving 13 players you can't change out. I dunno if I buy that number. That's one side of the ball, and the kicker and punter, just to sum it up. Or 5 on one side, 6 on the other, plus 2 other positions, and that total number counts rookies. So if you have 7 picks on your team from this past draft, you're now down to a total of 6 positions not interchangeable, because rookies need time to develop...Now, if it's the Lions, that nmber is probably higher.
  21. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    When I want to read nonsense, I look for anything that says 'TechLion' or 'Blog.'
  22. TechLion Super Genius

    If Stafford is overlooking him than CPep, Stanton, DanO and Kitna were also overlooking him. Since the arrival of Calvin to the Lions the offense has been worse not better. He has as much or more to do with the worst record in NFL history as the other players on the team. Calvin and Stafford are taking up a ton of cap space and the Lions have not improved. If anyone still thinks Calvin or Stafford were good picks for the Lions, you are a mental masterbater.
  23. goldenlions International Playboy

    And if anyone who thinks that the Lions picking a #2 and a #1 overall player in the draft and it wouldn't still affect cap space is a mental masterbater.
  24. TechLion Super Genius

    Yes, but if they drafted the players I said they should the cap space would be affected with players that would actually help build a team the right way. Also QB's and even receivers get more money on average.

    Anyway, I said to trade down for anything they can get or choose not to pick until 9 or lower. You see if I was GM I would have always have extra cap room and my defense and OL would take first priority in building a team!
  25. goldenlions International Playboy

    I wanted JT just as much as you did, so your first remark is invalid, because that is not what happen, but they still would have to pay him top dollar too. QB get more, LT get more than WR I would think. But #1 overall commands a lot either way.

    Trade down is not an option, you have to throw that out because no one ever trades out. Not anymore, not with the insane rookie contracts nowadays. And I agree with the OL and defense part, but that is not how it happened.

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